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Fashion Interview with Linda Sifumba

When I caught up with Linda Sifumba she was relaxing in her home in  Rosebank. Linda was friendly and down to earth which is exactly what i expected from the everyday girl gone celebrity stylist. With her hit sense of fashion and growing resume, this lady from the Vaal triangle has grown to have a pleasurable job as a skillful stylist.  We talked about the highlights of her 2013 so far, fashion and other things before I headed to work with her to see what her job was all about.


Q :Do you style by intitution or by a lot of research , and forethought?

A: “Intutuion is important when it comes to styling, the client will normally give you the concept and the feel of the shoot but how I choose to exprss the idea is entirely up to me. I need to use my intution to guide me whether the client will appreciate the artistic approcah you took as a stylist. Planning  and research definately important as well so that  when I go out for my “shopping sprees”as a stylist it helps you to not loose the plot and concept given to me by the client, unfortunately there are boundries to your creativity but im never  scared to push them a little lol! “

Q : Who was your favorite celebrity to style and why?

A : “It was definately Dj Dimplez. He is such a humble and down to earth person that appreciates and accepts creativity and artistry as he is creative himself, only he expresses it through his music. He is such a kind person, easy going he legit gave me a canvas and allowed me to paint whatever I wanted on it. What a cool guy. “


Q: What do you recommend wearing on rainy spring days. How do you dress up warm for rainy days and still remain cute and within the summer vibe?

A : ” A beautiful summer dress which is a few centimeteres above the knees paired up with ankle high flat or heeled boots with a popping of a colored pair of socks with lace finishes, a neuteral colored rain coat lengthed to either the knees or the same length as your dress. Accesories would be burnt brown or black. Keep your accessories as minimal as possible. Simple is cute and pretty you wouldnt want to be worrying about them while running in the rain. I have many other outfits under my sleeve it would be quite a lot to share. “

Q: What are your top five clothing essentials to buy for summer? What’s your favorite new trend for this fall?

A : “1. A beautiful summer dress

       2. Sheer Maxi dress or skirt

      3. Sheer oversized shirt

      4. Torn cut -up jeans as well as short shorts

      5. Blouse

I love that color is being used more in the winter time, that really excites me a lot. Winter             is no longer boring. I love that we will be seeing more bright colored coats, winter dresses, jerseys, blouses, shirts and cardigans. Im just a lover of color- as well as the abstract graphics which are also expressed with bright colors on shirts and dresses. We are a going to see a lot of vintage wear becoming mordenised. “


Q: How do you pick the people you’re going to work with for a photoshoot?

A : ” I look at their body structure in terms of how the clothes will look on them and also their personalities because it is important for the models to wear the clothes and not the other way around. Its also important for the models to immerse themselves within the characters the clothes feeds them. A photoshoot is like a movie and when models enter the clothes they need to act the part. I  most cases the clients already have the models which obviously means I have no say regarding that , lol.”


Q: How will you transition spring trends to summer trends this year?

A :” To me there is a fine line because I wear anything in any season, to me there is no winter wear nor summer. I wear what I want when I feel like wearing it. I love pushing the boundries a little. I love fashion and I’m artistic and creative as well as a free spirit. I would wear a knee high summer dress with thick stockings pairing it up with a coat or an oversized loosely knitted jersey for the winter.”

Q : Looking back now what was your worst outfit? You look back and do nothing but cringe?

A: “LOL I was sick okay!! And young , I also had no say in that outfit. I wore red and brown corduroy pants , with a thick brown/faun jersey and black THICK based boots.  My mom was really excited that day. LOL”

Q : So looking back through this year and your career as a stylist do you think there are any lessons you have learned or something that you’re to take away?

A : “I have learnt that nothing is ever easy even if its something you’re passionate about, more especially if you want perfection in all that you do. Most importantly  I have learnt to involve God in every job that I do. I pray about every single job whether it’s big or small. “

Q : If you could go back to a year ago and tell yourself some advice, what would  it be?

 A : “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and all shall be added to you” « THAT


I love this… After this ace interview we headed to her job. Where I met more beautiful talented young ladies. Here is a couple of images taken at the shoot. Model styled by Linda Sifumba.

Meet Boss Model Vicci Laing and Make-up and Hair Stylist Tiffany Wilson.


- Vicci Liang the polish stunning beauty who is only 16 years old, she is currently signed with Boss Models. Besides posing in front of the camera Vicci has an incredible persence on the runway.  @Viccilaing

- Tiffany Wilson a proficient Make-up artist and hair stylist who easily masters whatever concept given. Tiffany’s make-up artistry offers and exceptional mixture of quaility and a lot of expirence in this industry. She leaves her clients with results that they will always treasure.  @TiffanyWilson89

Meet photographer Kristen Ho


Kristen Ho a distinguished, professional ,photographer based in Sandton.  She did a spectacular job of exploring the models sexuality, beauty and innocence. The skilled photograher placed her subject infront of a white back drop then expanded to other colors such as grey and black creating amazing diversity for the model’s book. You can always expect  exceptional results from her photography. @KristenHo

Linda at work(@Lncy)


Linda Sifumba styling for @Viccilaings portfolio shoot.


 Linda styling at Big Blu Monte Casino for a Tv Show which showcased on Sabc 3.


    Linda Sifumba’s Styling at Dj Dimplez music video shoot



- Article done by Lebo Mokoena (@Maleebuq)

- Subject and Stylist Linda Sifumba (@Lncy)

- Model Vicci Laing (@viccilaing)

- Make-up and Hair Tiffany Wilson89 (@TiffanyWilson)

- Photographer Kristen Ho (@KristenHo)